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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. on this veterans day top stories. the investigation continues by what caused to power systems to fail at a refinery. oakland finally has a new mayor is elected. the cruise ship to nowhere close to adoptindocking. first and early checcheck on whether and traffic. it is chilly out there. >> a cold start for the day you will need your jackets but we have sun shine in store. a good long stretch of nice weather for the weekend all the details coming up
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>> the investigation underway this morning into the cause of power outage that triggered this mass of burned off at a refinery the fire triggered a shelter of place that has been lifted. it went out just after 4 the refinery lost its primary power and backup power sources. to get you more news faster we turn to yoli live near the refinery. >> it looks like things are back to normal according to the web page there reformation was initially they had six flares reacting to the power outage. to burn off the access to poisonous gas that they had. just to burn it up it didn't look so pretty. a lot of black smoke but that was the safest way to take care of that unprocessed gas. they had to do that now they're back
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down to two so it looks like everything is back to normal there is no emergency vehicles. employers are going in and out of the refinery through the front gate. systems are back in place as far as what caused that it's under investigation. >> in oakland don will comment on his loss in a bid to be the next mayor. gene kwan was announced the winner after days long process of counting votes. they were allowed to vote on their first, second, third place votes. she received 59 percent of votes compared to 59%. don was the favorite. >> 3000 more votes than ron
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dellums got. when i said oakland was waiting along time we were waiting 158 years to have a woman mayor. (cheering) >> don had an 11 percent lead when the first choice returns were counted last week. he was unable to reach the 50% threshold which allowed the second and third-place votes could be to be counted. he will talk about the voting. the will be a press conference at 10:00 a.m.. jerry mcinerney has declared victory his campaign says with most of the vote tallied his lead over republican david hubbard is insurmountable. he has a lead of 1700 votes. the district includes lme debt, and parts of santa
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clara counties. we will start with weather because we are waiting for the warm- up. >> does not feel warm outside right now however into the afternoon temperatures expected to climb. right now clear conditions across the board that is actually making for some colder temperatures certainly jacket weather in livermore 48 degrees still in the 40's and a lot of locations this morning 60 minute and 63 for an afternoon high. the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. your current temperature results were 53 san francisco but as we head through the east bay down into a forc the 40's. r low 40's in los gatos this morning by 10:00 a.m. '50s by noontime all the grain shows the '60s and we will stay in the '60s and the afternoon. cooling it back
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down to the '50s by 8:00 p.m. your numbers this afternoon mid-60s and some of the warmer location center rosa, napa, fairfield 644 richmond 63 is have francisco. south bay temperatures in the low 60s right throughout view but from much across the board topping out in the '60s even along the coast. your 7 day around to a nice looking forecast temperatures rebound and cheered by the end of the weekend we should be into the '70s a mild weekend expected lots of sunshine certainly a weekend to get outdoors. six 05 a.m. let's check gone on your commute. >> today is a holiday so we may see lighter traffic if you are driving to or live in san francisco don't think meters are not in force today they are. you still have to feed the meters in
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san francisco like traffic at the bay bridge not much in the way of problems and no hot spots reported. first the bay bridge to conceal looks good the san mateo bridge likewise pretty good traffic here about as heavy as usual the westbound direction that the right side of the screen. ride to the golden gate bridge also looks good this morning southbound 101 no problems to get to the bridge an easy ride 41 01 southbound. >> other stories we're following the latest out of oakland new details on the officer involved shooting an autopsy showing the unarmed man suffered multiple gun shot wound to the front of his body. the autopsy by the coroner's office shows derek jones of oakland was not shot in the back as had been rumored. two officers shot
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and killed him late monday after he fled on foot and appeared to to be reaching towards his waistband. they were repaired. at a san diego everybody waits for the cruise ship to arrive. splendor which had an engine room fire on monday and lost power 200 mi. south of santiago. no air- conditioning, no real running water. they got the toilets working two days ago but everybody stranded. this load told that back into port one tugboat is out front. their toe in the splendor and 3000 passengers and crew. the ship is visit ball from the coast line it will take several hours to get it back again. a delicate maneuver to get it into the dock we will watch
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this story throughout the morning and waiting for passengers to get off.
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a lot look from san jose traffic moving smoothly 1 01 north tillites in the right to a chilly start for the day 52 in san jose but a nice afternoon mid-60s and then warming up even more into the weekend. the number of homes lost in for closure drop dramatically. home repossessions drop 9% from september until october but that's because many lenders halted for closures amid allegations thousands were mishandled. many of those will resume this month. we have 20 months with 300,000 for closure notices going out each month. stock
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futures are mixed after posting modest gains yesterday g 20 summit is getting underway today. cisco systems shares lost ground despite reporting earnings that were up 8% last year. kugels ventures disclosed it invested 3.2 million in in genetics start-ups run by the wife of colosio. at their news federal communications commission is investigating whether google broke the law by sucking up fragments of e-mail's web surfing behavior and other activities over public why five well photograph in neighborhoods for mapping. it just completed an investigation two weeks ago they criticize the search drive for collecting sensitive information over wireless networks for several years before they realized it. we will be right back as the news
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continues. p
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all live look off of the coast. watching as the cruise ship slowed outside of the day as more tugboats are coming to trying to show this boat into the port. the splendor is 8 mi. outside the harbor. two tugs hauling it is slowly from the mexican coast for more are hooking and to help steer to the dock. these passengers had been on the cruise ship since monday when a fire broke out. alameda county sheriff's deputy is charged with 10 counts of child molestation. he molested three children between 2005 and 2009 in san ramon. $4.6
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million bail. he worked added deputy. federal immigration officials rejected calls by san francisco and santa clara to opt out of the program that shares of fingerprints of employes with customs. they ask to be removed from the program which they said is being used to deport undocumented to residents. they are looking at other options. >> 6:17 a.m. cold start for the day but we will warming up as we head toward the afternoon golden gate bridge free of fog but also chile. 53 is in francisco 64 noontime 63 for an afternoon high back down into the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m.
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elsewhere stilling the 40's in fact the low forties for san rafael center rosa oakland about 52 for hayward. 40 in concord. 47 redwood city. overall pretty chilly morning by 10:00 p.m. warming up to the '50s by the afternoon bringing it to '60s today could warm up more than yesterday. breaking added to the mid- 60s by 3:00 p.m. then cooling it back down to the '50s by about 8:00 p.m. a look your numbers getting up to 65 degrees in some of the warmer spots in santa rosa, nev. 6463 in san francisco today. south bay temperatures 64 for san jose your 7 day around the bay shows a nice long stretch dry weather lots of sunshine in store for us clear conditions actually a nice day to a head to the coast. not beach weather in terms of laying out but it might be nice view in terms
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of clear conditions. time right now 6:18 a.m. a check on the commute. >> with today a holiday for some we could see lighter traffic no hot spots right now bay bridge toll plaza too early to tell what it's going to be like we do see a bit of the back up and out cash lanes it looks like light traffic there but that may not mean that the meter and lights don't get negative. that's a double negative. san mateo bridge this makes sense moves traffic on both directions lighter than usual here pretty easy to tell for the west bound ride. golden gate bridge no problems an easy trip through marin county and across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. a look at san francisco and ride on central freeway inbound. james lick freeway northbound looks good coming off the skyway the upper
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deck right now looking at 13 minute drive time down to sfo from downtown san francisco. >> thank you george. state univ. receiving approval to hike tuition fees by 15 percent. let's show the increases starting in january of next year students will pay an extra 5%. that will be $2,200 for each semester in the fall of next year another 10% additional increase will be added so that tuition will go up to $2,600 for a semester. the association says the cost has resulted in improved class's. sorry it says it has not. the tuition goes up. we will be
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right back. a live look from wall street the stock exchange on this veterans day of moments of silence being observed right now. trading will take place as major markets are open. a lot of things are closed on this veterans day banks, schools, a dmv, city offices will be closed as well. the post office closed as well.
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a beautiful looking morning from mt. tam windier at 2,500 ft.. it's chilly 45
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degrees right now in santa rosa mid-60's for your high, '50s after 8:00 p.m. nicer weather for the weekend. mile this weekend with ties climbing up into the 76 specially sunday and mild weather into early next week. morning lows will be as cold either. low '40's inland mild weather on tap. good timing as it comes on the weekend. despite intense efforts south korea and united states failed to conclude a free-trade deal. a setback for president barack obama as he confronts tensions abroad and at home. it was a prize american officials would like to bring home from the 10 day trip. cicero, could merely pledged in negotiations would continue. >> we discussed the need to keep moving forward. it
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would create jobs and prosperity of both our countries. if we believe such an agreement is downright can be a win-win for people appeared to be a win for south korea with more access to the american economy which would support jobs. it could be a win for the economic partnership between our two countries by bring us closer together and allow on us to benefit from each other's innovations and ensuring a strong protection for workers rights and the environment. >> the president was also forced to defend policies to climb out of this law against foreign misgivings the united states is engineering the weak dollar. pakistan the officials say a man has been detained at an airport and being questioned right now airport security did not say whether the
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cartridges were and deed or fall or how many were found. it's unclear whether he was entering or leaving pakistan. and their world stories interior minister in saudi arabia is on alert for possible allocated attack at cat or the threat or intelligent has not been released haunch begins monday last seven days the islamic period of we will be right back this will be the slowest for arrival in history. splendor making its arrival in to port stranded out in secret with no power since monday after a fire in it engine room. tugboats slowly bringing the ship and 8 mi. out from the port of san the adult. san rule the tweet.
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can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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a weaker future of look the dow jones is pointed lower this morning wall street one of the few things open on this veterans day holiday. other stories in the bay area the investigation underway into the cause of the power outage that triggered a massive turnout had refinery in martinez. it is triggered at shelter in place it has been lifted. power went out just before 4:00 p.m. at the refinery its lost power primary power and backup power. you can see all the smoke. today more news faster yoli is at
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the refinery certainly different up here this morning yoli. >> looks like everything is back to normal. when the power outage happened is still have a lot of gas in the system that was not processed through the best thing they could do to make the air safe for rwanda is to burn it off. that's why you sausages' flareups being activated. they're back down to two things are back to normal at the refinery employees are going in and out changing shifts you don't see any emergency vehicles around. as far as the shelter in place it was lifted last night. they are saying the best thing to do is to actually carry out their house today because whenever this even tear house during that time you want to try and clearing out. >> time right now 631 a of a
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gorgeous shot of the sunrise. all of these colors you can see because it is clear and cool cold start for today grab your jackets towards the afternoon warmer temperatures than yesterday starting off with the warming trend that continues into the weekend. your temperature's really colden center rosa and san rafael. 44 in through oakland and at this hour concord 40 degrees really chilly down into the south bay. copper 40's and low 50s by 10:00 p.m. temperatures in the '50s warming it into the 60s by high temperatures today topping out in the '60s: it back down by the 8:00 p.m. hour. your afternoon highs temperatures in to the mid- 60s for napa, fairfield 63 is in francisco 64 richmond. south bay temperatures into the '60s as well. fremont street across the board. 7
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day around bay continues to warming up as we head towards your weekend. lots of sunshine in store for us by your weekend we have mild temperatures getting into the '70s. lange ran over to next week as well. >> it certainly seems as though we are seeing wider than usual traffic on this holiday thursday. we can say now definitively since the meter and whites have not been activated this is ed lighter than normal commute westbound. no backup no delay in very light traffic heading towards the bay french. there are no reports of problems on the approaches so nothing restricting the flow. san mateo bridge still pretty steady and traffic does not appear much lighter than usual but the approach looks good coming across highway 92. cooling gate bridge still problems rain no trouble through marin county. san jose traffic 1
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01 north it looks good here we did get word of an accident. south of our camera here northbound 1 01 around the key just before julien. the fast lane may be blocked so we will keep an eye on that to see if it should turn into a hot spot or not. 6:34 a.m. the very latest from james. >> live picture showing you the carnival cruise ship splendor. there is the tugboat. it's hard to imagine that tugboat can pull eight ships that big. it is bringing it closer to port. 25 minutes away from seeing enter the harbor in san diego. that will bring to end and a nightmare situation for the passengers. they have been stranded with no power no
6:35 am
hot water no hot food, no electricity since monday. fire and in the engine room and knocked out power to the ship. we have been reporting about how the navy has been airlifting can food for passengers to eat obviously plying them with liquor. let's not dance around it. they have been trying to make this trip as enjoyable as possible. from all accounts everybody is making the best of it. obviously this crews cannot and soon enough for those passengers. a half-hour away from seeing it and report. long process of getting everybody off the ship. we will be updating you throughout the morning. >> no ice in those drinks james. jean kron has been elected the city's next
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mayor. under the new system that allowed voters to use the first second and third choices. she is the first woman and asian americans to be elected mayor of oakland. alameda county election officials said she received 50 percent of the votes compared to 49% for don. he had been considered the favorite he will be discussing the voting system and how it affected this year's election. he will speak later this morning. the original tally showed he had the largest number first-place votes but when they counted up the choices and added them together jean one. we will see later this morning. on to daly city they are moving toward to get local control control over the cow palace.
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to music festivals has landed partygoers in a hospital overdoses clean the lives of two attendees. it is owned by the government currently a division of the state department. city council voted that state assemblywoman draft legislation to take whatever steps are necessary to give local control of the cow palace in daly city. around this san bruno explosion streets are expected to reopen in the crest more neighborhood after kluwer closed for two months. it will save the city $28,000 a week and security expenses. the blast site itself will be closed off as investigators still need access. we will be back as a kron 4 morning news continues. from walnut creek right now skies are lightening up as we are on
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standard time now. smoothly on the right hand side 60 south.
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save up to 15% when you combine your auto with home or renter's policy. get a fast free quote at 47 degrees in oakland and a chilly start 61 at noon mid- 60's for a high and we will be approaching 70 if not above but this weekend. we ought watching wall street expecting a lower start down 107 points right now. we will see if it finds a selling point soon. down almost 1 percent rate now for the dow jones. another business stories motorola
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firing back at microsoft by selling them for a patent infringement. they say the software windows mobile and text box product infringed on moralist's patents. microsoft official says the company is reviewing. h-p has agreed to pay 16 and a quarter million dollars to settle allegations it shorts school officials with guest to win contracts for internet. the commission and the department of justice accuse h p contractors of defrauding the government's program. starting today wal- mart will offer free shipping on its web site to get you into the holiday spirit. there will not be a minimum purchase for the offer it will run through december 20th at it is starting holiday season early to revive sales as sales in stores in the
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united states have fallen for five quarters 60,000 items with free shipping. kron 4 morning news continues the latest with this blunder. this disabled cruise ship making its way with appalled of tugboats trying to get back into port 7 mi. outside of the port of san diego. this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
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online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? students camping out at the university prost testing the decision to increase tuition by 15 1/2% here is a video over night to protest. thousands of students are angry that the state is forcing them to pay more for tuition. joining them is a professor at university. >> i asked my class how many students are working? i said
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37 the vast majority 35 percent raise their hands. if i would guess the next person how many hours i know the average student is about 25 hours a week. they will have to add more hours. less time to do homework. >> the protest was planned several weeks ago to highlight the number of home of homeless. he says without education a good chance some students could be homeless themselves. >> tom right now 6:47 a.m. at start for today you can see a bit of a shake in the camera bit of a breeze. the afternoon temperatures warming up ever so slightly from yesterday. warming trend continues into the weekend pretty nice weekend
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forecast 53 for san for cisco and chile up into the north bay, 44 oakland 40 through concord 53 livermore appeared 40's in the south bay as well down to san jose. 49 by the 10:00 hour we will warming up seeing '50s and all the green shows the '60s. topping out into the '60s. cooling them back down by the 8:00 p.m. hour your highs today mid-60's 65 santa rosa, 63 san francisco and richmond at 64. down and to the south bay temperatures into low 60s as well. along the coast temperatures into the '60s. 7 day around the bay and as long stretch of dry weather lots of sunshine and an abundance of it as we head into the weekend we will bring mild temperatures back into the forecast. '70s by the end of the weekend and that continues over next week. 648 a check on your
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commute. >> enough people enjoying the holiday it has made a big impact on westbound traffic here this morning. no backup no delay in no we don't even off the meter and whites are on yet for the west bound ride. look for lighter than usual traffic around the bay area. san mateo bridge no problems here or on the approach in looks lighter in eastbound or counter flow direction for the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge in is like traffic hearing usually has no problems yet reported for the 1 01 ride through marin county. the walnut creek ride on 680 headlight's northbound traffic leading towards 24 this traffic is heading down towards all mo. it is light right now even though this was a typical can be a we wouldn't see much of a back up yet for the southbound
6:50 am
ride toward look or in your route. last report we mentioned an accident at get at mickey and has already been cleared. >> americans back tax cut plans but not the campaign to repeal health care. 53 percent say bush era income- tax cuts should be renewed for everyone. 44 percent would continue out the cuts for only the middle class. or let them lapse for everyone. 39 percent back the repeal of the health- care law. the repeal on the ban for the gays serving openly in the military would have little risk on the water. this steady 70 percent of active duty troops say that in effect of
6:51 am
repealing the military's don't ask don't tell policy would be positive of mixed or non existent. objections to openly gay colleagues would drop once troops were able to live and served alongside them. 19 year-old doug the barefoot bay and it has been indicted in seattle they indicted him on charges including interstate it transportation of the aircraft and a fugitive in possession of a firearm. after a two-year run from law he was caught in the bahamas a week after he crashed landed a stolen airplane that the stalled in indiana in vienna airporthe stalled in in the indiana airport. we will be
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welcome back mt. tam up pretty looking morning but it is chilly. mid-50s in napa climbing up into the mid '60s for nice died this afternoon keeping our eye on temperatures as a warm-up. time for tech news kron 4 gate slate takes a look at ipad latest competition. >> this is a galaxy tablet coming out tomorrow it's a partnership between samsung, google and horizon. galaxy tab is the computer that runs on and right system. all lot like an end right smart phone just bigger without the phone. you cannot make calls. touchscreen you have access to all the indirect applications kugels the virgin of the ipad. hit is
6:56 am
next to its rivals. it's about three-fourths of the size it's one of the first seven-tablets to hit the market is smaller side makes it more portable than the ipad it can even if it in my pocket. it would be easier to carry this and a purse or citibank than the ipad. if you think it's too big to carry around this might be for you. it has a camera on the back and forward facing a camera on the front. it can take pictures and video the ipad has no camera. it's why fight for access to the internet at home or in hot spots. if you want internet everywhere you can get for $20 a month. it costs $600 $100 more than the ipad they should demand that price 500 or lower to compete but in tried has a lot of fans. in other to dublin news black
6:57 am
barry has announced their tablet computers the playbook will be out this spring it will cost under 500 to compete with the ipad. >> new video coming and 4000 people paid the price for demolition go wrong. all is well when the smoke stack comes down in springfield but it came down the wrong way. it fell on the power line and knocked out power to 4000 people. incredibly nobody was injured. first energy corp. says kurds are working to clean up the mess. we will be back into minutes as the news continues. a lot look from san jose on this veteran state light traffic 1 01 northbound on the right hand
6:58 am
side making your way past 87.
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